Motion To Suspend The Bylaws I can't decide if I like John Green, Clara Oswald, or talking about politics more.
So I’m not a Scottish citizen and I don’t get a vote. But I have Scottish blood and pride. This argument happened in 1776 and again with India; the dominant power will always find a numerical reason to keep power.  I’m pro Scotland because I’m pro David Hume, pro hunter clan, and pro wild highlands. And because I will never under any circumstance be pro colonialism.
Model UN Models

The following text is my own opinion and I’m ashamed of the way it comes across so I’m hiding it because this is me being a bad person.

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First soccer match ever. Let’s hope I don’t single handedly lose us the match! #Psiada #AmbassadorsFC
Well we all know who I’m rooting for tonight! Sorry Scotland, I love you but #Deutschland!!!!!!
Celebrating the best country EVER
Hey REMBER that time Germany won the World Cup?? #Weltmeisters!
It’s just one of those days where I feel like reminding people that Germany won. #weldmeisters
Spent the last week teaching myself how to do henna. In other news, yeah I’ve really upped my productivity levels.
#tbt once a Nittany lion, always a Nittany lion! #PSiLoveU #ForTheGlory